Advance Firearms safety and Tactical Defense Courses will be announced soon 

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Personal Protection Strategies Firearms Advance course in Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to one of the most exciting, fun and educational Firearm Safety Training in the region!                                                             Our Instructors are patient, understanding, and fun to work with.                                                             We are experienced as most are military veterans with distinguished honors.

WAs $150.00      Now $75!

CCW $75.00  50% off Teachers & veterans $65.00

When it’s unsafe to attend the movies and the mall with your family, it’s time to think about how to protect those you love. As military veterans, we  help the American people by providing the best firearm training in the region. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.

What we love most about our job?
We enjoy helping the American people to learn to better protect themselves and their loved ones. It is also rewarding to help those who are uncomfortable and nervous around firearms. To watch our students walk away smiling with a new found confidence makes it all worth it.

A4F Tactical LTD.

Class Schedule To be announced soon IN The Spring of 2019