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A4F TACTICAL Advanced Rapid Pistol Training Course APPC101 (2 HOUR Course)

Price: $35.00   Check dates On Home Page

Time: 08:30 -10:30 noon (Must check our website for a scheduled class date.)

Certified A4F TACTICAL Certificate For Each Level

This series of Advanced Courses are based from our lead Military Veteran Instructors with their many years of combat training and experience as well as Certified NRA Firearms Instructors. 


Must Have Already Taken the Basic Pistol Course or already have Concealed Handgun License

This A4F TACTICAL Advanced Rapid Pistol Training Course 101 or ARPC 101 is the first of a set of multi-level series of advanced pistol shooting courses.

This is a great continuation of firearms training and building firearms defensive skills. 

Building good fundamentals, memory muscle, response time, and more to become an advanced shooter.

We recommend taking the series in sequence order.

Students will need own pistol, side holster, spare magazines (we recommend at least 2-3 magazines), Quick Draw Holster can Carry up to 4 magazines. If you want a Quick Draw Holster you can get them for $20 at the class. The holster fits up to 44" waistline. You will need hearing and eye protection. If you do not have any you can use ours. Must bring 150 rounds of ammunition.

AdvanceD Firearms safety and Tactical Defense Courses

Personal Protection Strategies Firearms Advanced course in Columbus, Ohio

Next Advanced pistol training course    ARPC101 

Saturday April 18th @ 10am-12:00 noon

4614 rensch Rd. Grove City, Ohio 43123  

Welcome to one of the most exciting, fun and educational Firearm Safety Training in the region!                                                                                  Our Instructors are patient, understanding, and fun to work with.                                                     

We are experienced as most are military veterans with distinguished honors.
A4F Tactical logo, best deal for CCW concealed carry classes in the Columbus, Ohio and Grove City, Ohio area
A4F Tactical, best deal for CCW concealed carry classes in the Columbus, Ohio and Grove City, Ohio area
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When it’s unsafe to attend the movies and the mall with your family, it’s time to think about how to protect those you love. As military veterans, we help the American people by providing the best firearm training in the region. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.

What we love most about our job?
We enjoy helping the American people to learn to better protect themselves and their loved ones. It is also rewarding to help those who are uncomfortable and nervous around firearms. To watch our students walk away smiling with a new found confidence makes it all worth it.