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By filling out the form below automatically in roles you and reserves your seat for class. Just type your name and how many seats you need reserved including yourself.  Choose date of class you are attending (must be one of our scheduled dates for class). That is all you have to do. Simply pay at the door and receive your student packet and choose your seat where you would like to sit. Bring 50 rounds of ammo and please keep guns and ammo in your vehicle. It is that simple. So come on out and have a great day with us!                                                                            (If you see an Error after submitting, don't worry, you are reserved. This happens with some web browsers) We will not email or call you unless there is a problem. We reserve the right to change scheduled class date without notice due to unforeseen events or problems including unsafe weather.

Armed4Freedom LLC CCW / CHL carry concealed weapon handgun class / course

Our CCW Class Dates:                                                                                                                     Please do not hesitate to Reserve a seat.                                                                       Pass the word on to your friend or family members to have an opportunity to experience our class. Thanks again.  Reserve your Seat fill out automatic submission form below will automatically reserve your seat or seats.                                 

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CCW/ CHL Concealed Carry Handgun Course

When it’s unsafe to attend the movies and the mall with your family, it’s time to think about how to protect those you love. As military veterans, we wanted to help the American people by providing the best firearm training in the region. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.

What we love most about our job?
We enjoy helping the American people to learn to better protect themselves and their loved ones. It is also rewarding to help those who are uncomfortable and nervous around firearms. To watch our students walk away smiling with a new found confidence makes it all worth it.

Welcome to one of the most exciting, fun and educational Firearm Safety Training in the region!                                                         Our Instructors are patient, understanding, and fun to work with.                                                            We are experienced as most are military veterans with distinguished honors.

​​​​CCW Basic Pistol is a 1 Day 8 hour course.                                                                   Gun range and classroom is conveniently located at the same location.                                                                     * We offer coffee, soda, donuts, and more.                                                                            * All educational materials are provided                                                                     * Hearing and eye protection is included                                                                      * We issue our students an actual NRA Certificate at no extra charge                 * Receive Ohio Concealed Carry Laws handbook                                                                   * Class starts at 8:00am                                 * Must bring 50 rounds of Ammo.        Bring 9mm ammo if you are using one of our guns.                                                                    * use our guns with small rental fee of $10.00 pay at the door. This helps cover our cleaning fee and wear and tear.                                                                Please come 15 minutes before class starts to check in.                        Classroom and Gun Range Location: 4614 Rensch Rd Grove City, Ohio 43123

Concealed Carry Handgun